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Punches and dies

Adamus HT designs and manufactures punches and dies for tablet presses of all types according to EU, IPT standards or specific standards of tablet presses manufacturers, following customer’s needs.


Spare parts for tablet presses

Knowledge of the tablet pressing process, gained while designing and manufacturing punches and dies, enabled Adamus HT to extend the scope of the products on offer with spare parts for tablet presses. 


Spare parts for capsule machines

We manufacture spare and format parts for capsule machines of different types such as Zanasi, IMA Matic, MG2 and Bosch.


Spare parts for blister lines

Meeting the needs of a quick completion of new projects introduced by clients, Adamus HT offers high quality format parts for blister machines of all types.


Polishing machines for punches and dies

Polishing machines of our design allow for polishing of up to 80 EU19 (B) format punches and up to 60 EU1” (D) format punches in an automatic cycle.


Measuring machines for punches

PI-1 is an automatic measuring system for testing the geometry of punches which form tablets. This device uses the most up-to-date technology and guarantees a high accuracy and repeatability of measurements.