Fette P1000

Overhauled tablet press Fette P1000

The machine refurbishment was preceded by a complete inspection of all the technical parameters along with the verification of the documentation that was available. The overhauling included replacement of all the mechanical wear parts and implementation of the control system. This allowed the updating of the software, giving the possibility of full control over the machine.

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Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: WILHELM FETTE GMBH, Schwarzenbek bei Hamburg
Type: PERFECTA 1000 year of construction: 1989
No. mashines: 07 344 
nameplate: In the cams chamber behind the right pusher
Supply voltage: 380 V
No. of stations: 33
max. pressing force: 80 kN
max. pre-pressing force: 20 kN
max. tablet diameter: 13 mm
max. tablet thickness: 8,5 mm
max. performance tablets per hour: 148 500
max. depth of the filling : 18 mm
Pitch diameter: 315 mm
Rotation speed: 20-75 min-1
Diameter of the dies: 24 mm
Height dies: 22,22 mm
Diameter shafts stamps: 19 mm
Length of the upper and lower punches: 133,6 mm
Length of the working part of the upper punch : 2-6 mm
Net weight machine: 1800 kg


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