Tablet presses rebuilding

Services for tablet presses

Our services encompass the diagnosis and accurate evaluation of all tablet press elements, including the areas which are most frequently subject to wear and tear such as: cam surfaces, turret sockets and shaft dimensions, feeder and drive mechanisms.  Rebuilding or replacing the worn parts allows for the re-establishing of original settings and specifications, and tablet presses are put back into operation mode in the shortest possible time. Top quality materials and an experienced team of Adamus S.A. employees guarantee that the parts are identical with the original ones, and what is more their quality specifications often exceed those offered by original manufacturers.

Turret overhaul

The turrets that were repaired or completely manufactured in our company ensure the tablet press operation in compatibility with the technical assumptions of their producers. We know the technical conditions that guarantee an effective coupling of turrets with punches and dies. The understanding of the process of tablet pressing, which is necessary to manufacture high quality punches and dies, as well as our machinery park enable us to offer services connected with the regaining of the correct turret functioning. This is why our offer includes:
- support in the diagnosis of turret work
- indication of turret elements in need of a repair or replacement,
- rebuilding of a whole turret or of a selected part
- manufacturing of a new turret


Tablet designing

The company’s rich experience enables it to design tablets of various shapes with different engravers or logos, taking into consideration the maximum durability of the tools used in manufacturing or the final layout of tablets (coating). The first stage of the design process includes the preparation of the tablet image. Adamus S.A. is capable of preparing such an image following clients’ instructions or basing on submitted tablet or tool designs. Furthermore, it is possible to calculate the mass of tablets of a certain shape or a change with the maintenance of the volume. Upon client’s wish, 3-dimensional visualisations of the designed tablets are prepared

Designing blisters

Our services include the designing and delivering 2- and 3-dimensional images of blisters which allow for the aesthetics and usefulness of the packaging to be assessed before the production of tools is started. We can guarantee a short delivery time which minimalises time necessary to launch a new product on the market, effective information flow and immediate customer support.


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