The process of tablet compression requires the use of high precision Punches and Dies. In this type of PRECISION TOOLING it is not only the dimensional precision that is important, but also the suitable quality of the operational surfaces. ADAMUS HT supply HIGH QUALITY precision compression tooling with a surface finish on brand new tooling that is designed and optimized for tablet compression.

However, during the tablet production process, due to natural wear, gradually, the quality of the working surfaces of the punch tip face and die bore deteriorates mainly due to the abrasive and/or corrosive effects of the powder blend. Because of this phenomenon of wear during use, the need to carry out periodic restoration of the working surfaces is needed. Failure to complete this procedure can lead to:

 - Sticking of the powder to the pressing surfaces of the punches.
 - The appearance of spots of rust.
 - Increasing the resistance of punches movement in the turret and dies bores.
 - Premature failure of the tooling.

A good method of polishing which restores the surface quality of the tools should meet the following requirements:

- Is carried out in a safe way, without decreasing the dimensional precision of the tooling.
- Is not a manual process and therefore not dependent on individual skills.
- Is efficient and does not occupy operator working time.
- Is quick, easy and user friendly.

The “drag polishing” technology, utilizing specifically composed polishing media is a process which meets the above mentioned requirements. The company ADAMUS HT has been applying this method in final operations of the production process for more than 12 years. This time has enabled them to collect appropriate and real experience concerning the polishing machines design and polishing media composition.

ADAMUS HT now shares the polishing experience with their customers by producing and delivering rotary polishing machines, ensuring in addition that:

- Suitably composed media is polishing and maintaining the tools surfaces.

- Best practice processes and, optimized parameters can be used to ensure the best results are achieved.

- A control system that is user friendly and clear, guarantee’s repeatability of processes and enables empirically confirmed data collecting (process time and speed) in an electronic format.

Additional to this an option of data transmission to and from the control system via a USB port or wirelessly is available. This option enables effective supervision and management of empirical parameters of the process.


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