Sport in July!

Sport in July!

July will be full of unforgettable moments. All thanks to the talented Natalia Czernik from the Verso La Natura sports club.

Jumping International de Monte Carlo

Sponsored by Adamus S.A. This week Natalia Czernik will compete in the prestigious competition in Monte Carlo. From July 1, the best players will compete during the 15th anniversary of Jumping International de Monte Carlo. The competition takes place as part of the Longines Global Champions Tour in Monaco, which is one of the most prestigious sports events. Of course, Natalia Czernik, who will compete in CSI5 * together with Duke G and Everdi, could not be missing there.

Among the best players at the competition in Monaco, we will also see Bartosz Adamus. We wish him the best possible result!


Tops International Arena

Right after unforgettable Monaco, it's time for the Netherlands and another sporting excitement at Tops International Arena. First, the event will take place from 8th to 11th July. Natalia Czernik will compete in the CSI2 * competition together with Fontaine Blue CKV and in the CSI5 * competition together with Duke G and Everdi.

The second Tops International Arena event will take place one week later. Here too Natalia will compete with Fontaine Blue CKV, Duke G and Everdi in CSI2 * and CSI4 *.

CSI4* competition in Warsaw!

After competitions abroad, July will end with the CSI4 * competition in Warsaw.

We wish Natalia the best results and great form!