New life for tabletpresses!

New life for tabletpresses!


New life for tabletpresses!

Acquiring a new tablet press involves a high cost, which is not always profitable in terms of return on investment or simply goes beyond the budget available to the company at a given time. A much cheaper solution is to retrofit or carry out a major overhaul of your tablet press. Overhauling not only allows the full efficiency of the machine to be restored at a lower cost, but also enables the requirements of the modern production process to be adapted and its performance enhanced.

As a long-standing manufacturer of tools and spare parts for tablet presses, we have extensive knowledge about them, supported by experience in an international environment. This allows us to offer our customers support, technical service and major overhauls of their tablet presses

Any overhaul of a tablet press is always preceded by diagnostics, a thorough assessment of all components and an analysis of the customer’s needs, which allows us to precisely identify key areas of renovation. The scope and time of work is flexibly adjusted to the requirements of the customer.

of the disassembly stage.

Halfway stage.

The renovated
Kilian TS 1000. 

The recent overhaul of a Kilian TS 1000 rotary tablet press that we carried out involved replacement of all parts and subassemblies. The frame of the tablet press was the only part that was reused. The work included removal, replacement, modification, production of parts, assembly and calibration of over 100 different items. The work was dynamic and concerned all mechanical parts, electrical and hydraulic systems and all wearing parts, including but not limited to: 

  • Replacement of hydraulic lines, cables, fuses and cam and roller position sensors.
  • Production of new parts, such as rotor, scrapers, feeders, cams as well as making new sets of punches and dies.
  • Calibration of strain gauges and roller positions. 
  • Making new guards.

After the work was completed, factory acceptance tests (FAT) were carried out. The tests confirmed that the retrofitted Kilian TS 1000 tablet press meets the quality requirements and that all parameters are in accordance with the contract. The client can now follow its production plans with the use of a fully operational and upgraded tablet press.

Rebuilding or replacing the worn parts allows for the re-establishing of original settings and specifications, and tablet presses are put back into an operation mode in the shortest possible time.