Natalia Czernik appointed to the National Team!

Natalia Czernik, sponsored by Adamus S.A. was appointed to the National Team for 2021!


Natalia Czernik (Verso La Natura Sports Club), on December 29th, 2020, by a resolution of the Board of the Polish Equestrian Federation, along with Masymilian Wechta, Dawid Kubiak, Michał Kaźmierczak, Krzysztof Ludwicz, and Mściwoj Kiecoń, was appointed to the National Team in the "Jumping Seniors" category for 2021 .

She will compete in together with Everdi, Duke G and Limonchello NT.

Congratulations on the success and the opportunity to represent Poland at the international equestrian competition. Company Adamus S.A. also this year, will be supporting this unique amazon.

Natalia Czernik summed up the previous year in terms of achieving her sporting goals in an interview in Świat Koni.

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Supported by Adamus S.A. talented young players Aleksander Lewandowski and Daria Pietrzak were also appointed to the National Team in the Junior category. We wish them the best possible starts in the upcoming 2021 season!