Global Champions League 2021 with Natalia Czernik!

One of the most interesting sporting events begins in March ... 16 starts, 13 countries and 4 continents. And among the world's best riders, Natalia Czernik, representing the Hamburg Gigants!

This year's season looks really interesting for Natalia Czernik. In addition to being appointed to the National Team, she will take part in one of the most exciting competitions in the equestrian world - the Global Champions League.

These are prestigious international competitions held on four continents. Teams compete for victory in the GCL and GCL Super Cup finals during the GC Prague playoffs. Throughout the 2021 season, the prize is close to 26 mln EURO!

One of the teams competing in GCL  is the Hamburg Giants. Among the 7 players of this team is, sponsored by Adamus S.A, Natalia Czernik from the Verso La Natura Sports Club.


Each team puts up a U25 player to support the development of talented youth at competitions at the highest level. In this year's GCL, 76% of starters are in the TOP 250 in the world, including 23 of the top 30 competitors.

GCL is an emotional sports competition at the highest organizational and sports level. In 2021, riders will compete, among others in Qatar, China, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Monaco, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Mexico and Italy. The finals will be held in New York, and the play-offs in Prague.

Good luck to the Hamburg Giants and Natalia Czernik team!