Adamus SA spezielle Vorbereitung für Reinigungs und Entfettungswerkzeuge

Adamus SA special tools cleaner and degreaser A1

The benefits at a glance:

NSF-A1 registered

Reliable degreasing e.g. before a gluing process

Highly effective combination of active substances

Rapid evaporation without residues

Multifunctional in use

 Fluid is a cleaner which evaporates very fast without any residues. It is perfectly suitable for a rapid and complete
 cleaning/degreasing of shiny metal and steel items. The product is based on a combination of highly effective substances which
 can remove different residues and contaminations each. Thus it can be used for a multitude of diverse applications.
 Its evaporation speed and the spray rate are well coordinated with the necessary exposure time respectively the quantity of
 product. This means product enables an exact dosing and thus an economical mode of processing.

Fluid is NSF-A1 registered and suitable for cleaning processes within the production areas of the food, beverage
 and pharmaceutical industry. Because of the NSF-registration and its good cleaning
 performance it offers a very broad spectrum of possibleapplications.
 Fields of Application
 Fluid is especially suitable for the cleaning/degreasing of metallic machine parts e.g. gear boxes, bearings and
 guides. Our product excels in an extremely good ability to dissolve oily and greasy dirt as well as residues of glues
 and sealants from shiny metallic surfaces.
 Product is exclusively available in a 500 ml spray can.
 Material compatibility
 Some plastics and lacquers can eventually be etched by product. We therefore recommend to test the
 applicability of the cleaner before use.
 Instructions for use
 Please spray fluid onto the contamination, if required let it react for a short time and subsequently remove the
 contaminations. A potable water rinse of cleaned surfaces is required after use of this product.

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