Increase the strength of your tools by 70% with the Adacon coating!

Increase the strength of your tools by 70% with the Adacon coating!

Punches and dies are the key elements of the tablet production process. In the course of this process, they are subjected to static and dynamic forces, as well as interaction with products of various physical and chemical properties. These factors often have a significant impact on the strength of tools and the course of the tableting process.

Among problems that arise, one of the most significant is punch wear. After exceeding certain limit values, the tool is disqualified due to its adverse impact on the form of the tablet (its shape, geometrical parameters and the legibility of engraved inscriptions). Another important problem involves fluctuations of tablet weight, resulting in an increase in the number of rejected tablets.

Boasting nearly 40 years of experience in designing and supplying punches and dies used for various, often very demanding applications, Adamus S.A. offers functional solutions which effectively overcome these problems.
Insofar as tool wear is natural and unavoidable, by using the correct type of steel or applying certain coatings, we can significantly improve their resistance to abrasive wear. In this respect, the ADACON solution launched this year is one of the most effective coatings.

It is a PVD coating based on AlCrN, approved by the FDA for contact with pharmaceuticals and food. It is excellent for tableting products containing minerals, such as magnesium or calcium compounds, as well as other, highly abrasive formulations, for which standard tools tend to wear fast. ADACON significantly improves tool strength and durability.