Education and Development - Apprencesip at Adamus S.A!

From September 14 to October 9, Adamus S.A. held a monthly series of apprenticeships.

The five best students from the County Center for Vocational and Continuing Education in Wałcz, carried out the apprenticeship program in our company.

During the internship, they got acquainted with the history of the company, structure and operation of individual departments.

An internship program, developed in cooperation withschool included work in every production position in the company. Each of the apprentices had the opportunity to gain practical skills in while operating most of our machines and devices.

Properly prepared training and the chance to gain practical experience are an extremely important element in the process of youth education. Awareness of the possibility of internships in companies such as Adamus S.A. may contribute to increasing the interest in education in technical and professional profiles, and thus increase the future staff of our industry.