Adamus S.A. One Station Tablet Press

Adamus S.A. One Station TABLET PRESS Single Station, Manual & Easy To Translocate.

The One Station Tablet Press is a perfect solution for small manufacturing or every research and laboratory purpose where small amounts of tablets or samples are needed for trials. It allows adjustment of the tablet parameters to fulfill production requirements without the loss of expensive granulate and without taking the time of industrial tablet presses for testing.

Utility benefits:

  • Multilayer tablet possibility
  • Transparent shields for safety reasons
  • Tablet ejection rod
  • Stainless steel frame and parts
  • Digital display indicating:
    • Pressing force
    • Ejecting force
  • No operators force needed to compress a single tablet
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge
  • Easy cleaning of unit after using granulate
  • Control of tablet parameters
  • Easy access to compression chamber
  • Easy to transportation

Technical Features:

Maximum pressing force: up to 100 kN
Maximum depth of the filling: 20 mm
Maximum tablet diameter: 25mm EUD” (H=133,6)
Digital controller for compression pressure and upper punch withdrawal for tablet ejection
Power supply 230V 50Hz/ 110/60Hz
Dimensions [mm] 650x700x1660 (with table)
Available with dedicated table.
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