More than tooling

We design and manufacture precision compression tools and components for machines used in various industries, predominantly in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our nearly 40-year experience has enabled us to specialise in the production of customised punches and dies and to achieve a leading position in the delivery of technological solutions to assist our customers in resolving their most complex issues associated with tablet production.


The strategy of our company

The strategy of our company, as in the slogan “More than tooling”, encompasses the professional integration of tools with technology, which includes not only high quality products but also services supporting the operations of our customers at every stage of production:

  • punches and dies,
  • spare parts for tablet presses and capsule-filling machines,
  • fully automated instruments for punch and die measurements
  • ultrasonic washers for stamps and dies,
  • tablet press service
  • rotor repairs
  • service design
  • academy of stamping tools
  • format parts for blister lines and carton machines
  • polishing machines for stamps and dies,
  • tablet presses
  • tablet press repairs
  • tablet press design projects
  • training

Wherever you find our customers, you’ll find us.

An extensive distribution and sales network, on almost every continent, contributes to our position as one of the largest and most reputable suppliers of punches and dies in the world.

We deliver quality

At our company, we face engineering challenges every single day in order to provide customers with ready-to-use and proven solutions which will ensure a sizeable increase in their productivity. Our highly-qualified staff, working in line with the Quality Management Systems of ISO 9001:2018 and ISO 13485:2016 standards, ensure the top quality of the products and services which we offer.