Format parts for blister lines and carton formers

Format parts for blister lines and carton formers

Guided by the desire of a quick accomplishment of new projects introduced by clients, Adamus S.A. offers high-quality format parts for blister machines of all types. We have a rich experience connected with UHLMANN, BOSCH, MARCHESINI, IMA, CAM, KLOCKNER machines, and an expanded planning and design firm allow for a quick preparation of design documentation which ensures the appropriate functioning of the produced blister lines.

Our services include:
- designing and delivering 2- and 3-dimensional images of blisters which allow for the aesthetics and usefulness of the packaging to be assessed before the production of tools is started
- short delivery time which minimalises time necessary to launch a new product on the market
- a very effective information flow
- appropriate functioning of blister lines
- immediate customer support

Most frequently manufactured parts include:
- forming plates
- tablet pan feeders, including inserts for vibrators
- foil guiding rails
- sealing plates
- foil sealing and guiding rails
- perforating machines
- encoding stations
- punching dies

The experience of Adamus S.A. also encompasses designing and manufacturing of parts for carton formers. This allows for the accomplishment of projects consisting in the retooling of a given packaging sequence. Our offer, which includes tools for tablet pressing (punches and dies) and spare parts for tablet presses, enables us to provide our clients with a comprehensive service ranging from designing tablet shapes through blister packaging to preparing cardboard boxes.

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