Manual polishing set


●     Motorized polisher with foot switch to turn on the machine's operating speed (Control unit with brushless motor in a solid, Hermetic housing with intelligent functions, Self-clamping working handle for diameters 3mm and motor in the range of regulation 1000 - 50,000 min-1with a working power of 230W - also at a low speed) 

●     Magnifying glass with lighting

●     Diamond polishing paste 

●     Magnetic holder for punch / die 

●     Set of felt polishing pins

●     Microscope digital camera to measurements

Why you should polish your tools regularly?

Compression tooling surface is one of the most important, the most precise and most fragile elements in tablet compression. Tooling surface is responsible for tablets quality – their shape, appearance and weight. To obtain maximum life tablet punches and dies and minimise tablet compression problems polish your tools regularly. 

Regularly Polishing:

  • Obtain maximum life from tablet punches and dies
  • Minimize tablet compression problems such as:
    • sticking
    •  picking 
    • capping
    •  tablet weight variation
  • Prevent damage to the tablet press
  • Prevent contamination of tablets

The advantages of manual polishing

  • Economical solutions
  • Enable high-precision polishing
  • Low operating costs
  • Saving space
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