Prevention is better than cure! This also applies to machines.

The wear and ageing of the tablet press components is a natural thing. Every single part of the machine has a specified durability period and is susceptible to damage. Failure, even the smallest part, can be of considerable importance for the functioning of other systems that make up the entire machine. Therefore, for the optimization of processes and proper maintenance, we recommend regular inspections and maintenance of tablet presses.

Planned inspections of machines allow to determine the technical condition of the tablet press, locate those parts to which there is a risk of failure and replace them in a timely manner. Servicing tablet presses are much cheaper than making the necessary repairs (often in emergencies it turns out that one defective element had a negative impact on the condition of others, which are also suitable for exchange), and secondly does not expose the company to additional costs related to production downtime.

What does preventive maintenance give you?

Systematic reviews of tablet machines not only prevent unexpected failures or complete deterioration of a given machine but also extend its service life. By ordering regular tablet service and maintenance, you gain:

  • lower failure rate
  • lower repair costs
  • the longer working life of the tablet press
  • less risk of downtime on production
  • certainty of the implementation of production plans
  • employee safety

Film Preventive Maintenance Program by Adamus

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