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Punches and dies compression tooling

Punches and dies are a key element of the tablet pressing process. They are responsible for the final appearance and shapes of manufactured tablets, therefore they must be designed and produced with high precision and accuracy. During work they are exposed to strong compression, they often press powders of abrasive and corrosive properties, which requires using high quality steel, an appropriately selected heat treating, and sometimes covering with special coatings which prevent tablets from wear and tear or becoming gluey, or using other materials such as sintered carbides.

Certain applications (e.g. household chemistry) require using plastic inserts (teflon, vulkollan) which additionally protect the pressing part. Adamus S.A. designs and manufactures punches and dies for tablet presses of all types according to EU, IPT standards or specific standards of tablet presses manufacturers, following customer’s needs. The offer includes monolithic and tipped, single and multiple tools for manufacturing round and shaped tablets.

Adamus S.A. tools are delivered in special plastic boxes which are adapted for their storage. Each batch is provided with minutes of measurement.

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