Single Socket Tablet Press For Tablets Single Layer, Two-Layers & Three Layers

Adamus SA One Station Tablet Press for Single & Double & Triple Layer tablets

The single-station tablet press Adamus SA 3L One Tab is an ideal solution for the production of single, double or three - layers tablets. The device allows to adjust the parameters of the tablets produced and to monitor production parameters. Semi-automatic replacement of tools completes the universality of the solution. The tablet press Adamus SA 3L One Tab also easily allows you to adjust the device to the required amount of tablet layers.

Utility benefits:

  • The process of filling the die and the tablet compression simulates a rotary tablet press operation
  • Precisely controlled "dwell time"
  • Continuous reading and control of the punch position and compression forces.
  • Simple and safe readjustment process
  • The ability to control achieving the desired thickness of the tablet or desired compression force.
  • Integration options of machine control system with additional components.
  • Options of extensive reporting capabilities, file transfer reports via Ethernet or USB with a large internal memory to store recipes and historical data.
  • Implemented standard Industry 4.0.
  • The central lubrication system with a rare necessity of maintenance.
  • Designed for flexibility of control and for high cleanliness of the workspace.
  • Expandable with additional elements (automatic weight control, vision system, etc.)

Technical Features:

• Dimensions (H*W*D) cm: 189*140*56
• Tools: Euro-B, Euro-D, Euro-BB
• Maximum compression force: 100 kN
• Maximum ejection force: 10 kN
• The ability to produce single-layer, double-layer and three-layer tablets.
•  3 layers approx. productivity: 5 tablets per minute (300 tab./h)
•  2 layers approx. productivity: 10 tablets per minute (600 tab./h)
•  1 layers approx. productivity: 15 tablets per minute (900 tab./h)
• Maximum depth of entry of upper punch in the die bore: 7mm (optional 12 mm)
• Usable as the production machine in continuous operation

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