Understanding the customer’s requirements for fast launching of new products, ADAMUS S.A. offers high quality format parts for blistering machines of all types. Our well-equipped Engineering Department allows us to prepare reliable designs and documentation which assure correct blister line operations.

ADAMUS S.A.’s experience also includes the design and manufacturing of components for cartoning machines. This allows the execution of projects involving retooling of the whole chain of packaging. 

Feeding tablets into the blisters is an extremely critical point in determining the speed and efficiency over the entire packaging process. The selection and design of a suitable filling is therefore one of the most important choices for the supplier of blister formats. For years, ADAMUS S.A. has been specializing in the design and delivery of dedicated plate feeders of different types.

Our engineers work closely with customers at every stage of the design, starting from defining the possibility of feeding the requested tablets using the designed feeder. After the manufacture, before delivery to the customer, special FAT is carried out using real tablets and formed foil. On a specially built test station, we can verify the process of feeding tablets at different speeds of the foil, determining the optimum parameters of this operation.
Upon request, our engineers are also involved in the installation and commissioning of the format, helping to solve and remove potential problems.