Fully refurbished Kilian RX rotary tablet press.

Renovation of the tablet press carried out in accordance with the highest standards supported by 40 years of engineering experience of Adamus S.A.

Tabletpress:                                              Kilian RX (after general overhaul)
Production year: 1986 / 2001
Station number: 55
Punch standard: EUB
Die standard: EUB (30.16 mm)
Tablet max diameter: 16 mm
Max capacity: 520 080 tbl/h
Min capacity: 27 324 tbl/h
Max filling depth: 16 mm
Main compression force: 80 kN
Precompression force: 20 kN
Drive power: 11 kW
Control system: Kilian CW200/049
Option: New control system with touch screen
Documentation: IQ/OQ
Others:                                                                   FAT, SAT
Guarantee: 1 year