How to maintain compression tools? Adamus has developed a Tool Maintenance Program for punches and dies.

01. Production

Installation / uninstallation of tooling.

02. Cleaning

Tooling should be cleaned to remove residuals of powder and possible sintered product residues.

03. Inspection 

Optical assessment of working surfaces of the tooling.

04. Repair 

Small damages and traces of corrosion should be removed from the tools if found.

05. Polishing 

Giving the work surface a smoothness to avoid common tableting problems.

06. Re-cleaning

After repairing and polishing, re-cleaning to remove any residual of polishing / repairing agents.

07. Measuring

The measurement of punch tools is crucial to the production process, it allows you to verify whether the dimensions of punches and dies are within the tolerance limits, and thus ensure optimal tablet production.

08. Protecting

For longer periods of storing, tooling shall be protected from moisture and aggressive environments.

09. Storage

With dedicated cabinets or containers, avoiding the risks resulting from mechanical damage and direct environment impact.