Ultrasounds clean

Using an ultrasonic bath enables to achieve the maximum cleanliness in shorter time than applying traditional methods. Ultrasounds clean very effectively due to very intensive cavitation that does not harm the tooling.
ADAMUS S.A. supplies different sizes of the ultrasonic cleaners with the special holders adapted for veryeffective compression tooling and other parts cleaning. The offer includes special washing fluids and rust inhibitors.



  • self-explanatory symbols and well recognizable parameters
  • LED display showing both the target and actual values
  • optical signal in case of excess temperature
  • DEGAS - adjustable pulse sound level for venting, visible at LCD display
  • process for permanent sound field oscillation ensures even and gentle cleaning
  • safe dosage fill level
  • PZT - transducers with high efficiency
  • 20-80°C heater, thermostatically adjustable, with LED display for target value and actual value of temperature
  • Timer for the countdown and continuous operation
  • automatic short-time ultrasound during heating
  • automatic safety shut-down 12 hours after last keypress
  • unique one-piece welded drain bow

ADAMUS ultrasonic range:

  • USC - 18a: maximum tank volume 18,7 ltr (4,94 US gal)
  • USC - 28a: maximum tank volume 28 ltr (6 US gal)
  • USC - 45a: maximum tank volume 45 ltr (11,88 US gal)