Overhauled tablet press Fette P1000


Technical Specifications

Manufacturer: WILHELM FETTE GMBH, Schwarzenbek bei Hamburg
Type: PERFECTA 1000 year of construction: 1989
No. mashines: 07 344 contrack no.: 04/34 415 S
nameplate: In the cams chamber for the right pusher
Supply voltage: 380 V
No. of stations: 33
max. pressing force: 80 kN
max. pre-pressing force: 20 kN
max. tablet diameter: 13 mm
max. tablet thickness: 8,5 mm
max. performance tablets per hour: 148 500
max. depth of the filling : 18 mm
Pitch diameter: 315 mm
Rotation speed: 20-75 min-1
Diameter of the dies: 24 mm
Height dies: 22,22 mm
Diameter shafts stamps: 19 mm
Length of the upper and lower punches: 133,6 mm
Length of the working part of the upper punch : 2-6 mm
Net weight machine: 1800 kg
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