I Spring Event Tops International Arena!

I Spring Event Tops International Arena!


The opening of the Tops International Arena season was received with great enthusiasm by the equestrian community and the audience. Throughout the weekend, the players competed for victory in the CSI4 *, CSI2 *, CSI1 * and CSIYH competitions as part of the 1st Spring Event. Adamus company has a great pleasure to participate in this unique sports event - sponsoring the entire Tops International Arena series. The next competitions are planned for the first weekend of June.

On Saturday, May 8, the CSI4 * International jumping competition against the clock (1.50 / 1.55 m) was held, sponsored directly by Adamus S.A.

The following people stood on the podium:
1. Jos Verloy and Jacobien Dwerse - Belgium
2. Marcus Ehning and Calanda - Germany
3. Bryan Balsiger and Dubai du Bois Pinchet - Switzerland


The award for the winner - Josa Verloy was given by Bartosz Adamus!


Among the starting competitors, there were also Natalia Czernik from the Verso La Natura sports club and Bartosz Adamus. They both had successful runs and a very good form, which they presented during the three days of the event.

On May 7, Natalia Czernik competed in tandem with Fontaine Blue CKV in the CSI2 * competition (1.45 m), where she took 10th place. The next day, together with Everdi, she took 14th place in CSI4 * (1.45 m).

Bartosz Adamus started on May 7 with Sire One in the CSI1 * (1.20 m) competition, where he took 4th place. He showed very good form in the remaining starts.

We are waiting for the next starts in the upcoming events.

Good luck!