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Multitip tooling – the advantages

Multitip tooling has transformed the way tablets are produced and it is now seen as the most productive form of tablet manufacture. The simple process of adding multitips to existing machines can have a huge impact on production through increased output and reduced production time, without the expense of investing in new machinery.

Multitip tooling – the advantages

• Increased productivity – the number of tablets per turret rotation is multiplied by the number of tips,

• No large capital outlay on new tablet presses means that higher tooling costs are easily outweighed by increased output,

• Reduction in press run-time per output of tablets means that less maintenance is required per batch of tablets produced,

• Reduction in press setup-time per output of tablets,

Less tablet presses required to satisfy output, therefore requiring less floor space leading to more products processed per square metre,

• All of the above leads to reduction in overall plant running costs.