Multi-tip tooling applied by ADAMUS S.A. is a cost effective way to significantly increase the capacity of produced tablets without investing in the new tablet presses by reducing:

  • labour costs
  • maintenance costs
  • investment costs
  • energy costs

Multi-tipped tooling is available in two different configurations:

  • assembly construction - composite
  • solid construction - monoblock 

The choice between those two options depends on the application, customer requirements, internal cleaning procedures and technical feasibility (the tablet dimensions and number of tips).

By using multi-tipped tooling the number of tablets produced per one turret revolution should be theoretically the multiple of the number of tips in the punch. However, due to the slightly lower turret speed connected with the necessity of the filling of more die holes, the real capacity can sometimes be lower. Depending on the product characteristic the measured capacity increase can vary but the mean values are ca. 1.5 for double-tiptooling, 2.8 for four-tip tooling and 4.5 for six-tip tooling.