I Memorial of Henryk Adamus in Warnik

On the last weekend of September, the best riders in Poland competed for the title of the winner of the Polish Equestrian League 2020. The final was played in Warnik, during which the I Memorial  of Henryk Adamus was held.


On the last weekend of September, Warnik hosted the finals of the Polish Equestrian League 2020 - a series of show jumping competitions.

After weeks of struggle and starts in the best equestrian centers in the country, the athletes competed for the title of the PLJ 2020 winner.

This year's competition was extraordinary, because during the final starts, the I Henryk Adamus Memorial was held. The pool of awards for the memorial was 100,000 PLN.

The lucky winner was Jan Vinckier, who rode on LORD. Dawid Kubiak on the horse Estoril Fortuna finished second. The third place went to Marek Lewicki and La Pezi.

Mr. Henryk Adamus supported Polish equestrian world for many years. He was involved in many events with great openness and generosity. In order to continue such activities and to commemorate our long-term president, the Board of Adamus company decided to honor him during the finals of the most important equestrian events in the country.

Adam Grzegorzewski was the winner of the entire series of competitions. We congratulate all the participants and wish them further successes.